What you can expect in class

  • Will go over what you can expect when you go shooting.
  • will go over safety. Safety is #1 at our class.
  • What age you should talk to kids. What you need to tell them about guns and what they should do when they find one.
  • At Bryansteens we have a lot of people to pull from for answers. So your questions will be answered before you leave.
  • In GENERAL we will go over most of the places you can or can not carry
  • Will show you how to keep up with the changing laws both good and bad.
  • Will show what states are reciprocity to Virginia and how you keep up with it. Always changing
  • Will be using a "BIG SCREEN"  to go along with your hand-outs.
  • Show you what to look out for in your home, at work, and on the street. This will help you stay safe.
  • Show you different ways to become a better shooter with practice.
  • Will show you places you can go and get more information, so you will get better.
  • Will have hand-outs you will be able to take home to look over and study.
  • Will explained what you will need to do when you are stopped by the POLICE.
  • Will go over the difference between open carry and concealed carry.
  • Show different guns, holsters, will offer suggestions on both.
  • Will show how to load and unload revolvers, and semi-automatic, and how to clean both.